Today’s post, unlike owl post, is going to be super quick. You know how Wednesdays can be. You start the week eating enough fiber and going to bed on time, and by Wednesday you’re eating a handful of dry Cheerios for dinner and hitting the snooze button until two minutes before your bus leaves.

But in the middle of such a week, it can be nice to stop and look at something lovely.

And this artwork, my friends, fits the bill.

travel posters

Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s the wizarding world portrayed with a classic 1930s feel, created by Nic and Ariel at 716designs. I find it an especially appropriate design choice given that the wizarding world seems to be only a bit more technologically developed than 1930s Britain. All in all, I’m a big fan of these posters and their classic approach to fan art.

(Please note that I’m not affiliated with this Etsy shop in any way. I just thought their work was lovely.)

May the middle of your week be as enjoyable and productive as the beginning!



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