Highlights in HP jewelry

All Internet safety concerns aside, here are seven hints about my age:

  1. I once had a Lisa-Frank diary (and stickers, and stationery, and folders …) that I loved dearly.
  2. In my youth, Gushers were the preferred form of classroom currency.
  3. I was once blindingly jealous of my friends’ Sky Dancers and Polly Pockets.
  4. Not so long ago, twisting the waxy top off a Squeezit would instantly transform any day from good to great.
  5. As a child, I would have worn my stirrup pants every day if my mother had let me. When they were in the wash, I wore overalls.
  6. In middle school, I was psyched to replace my 5.25″ floppy disks with those sleek new 3.5″ ones.
  7. The Internet still finds new ways to amaze me every single day.

It’s true. I thought I had a handle on this whole emailing thing, and then whoop, MySpace. I thought I understood blogs; hello, Twitter. It’s like there are people out there devising new ways to confuse me! I just know it!

Like how I found this picture while looking for an image of an escort for this post. I mean, I guess this is an escort too. But still.

Etsy, though … Etsy I can wrap my head around. People find or make gorgeous things. They put them up for sale on the Internet. Other people can browse those things and buy them. It’s simple. It’s great.

In honour of D.A. Days 2014, I’ve scoured the depths of Etsy and found some gorgeous pieces of homemade Harry Potter–themed jewelry. It was a tough call. There’s a lot of lovely stuff out there. But in the end, I narrowed it down to seven pieces — because as we all know, seven is the most magically powerful number.

(Please note: I am not affiliated with Etsy or these Etsy Shop owners in any way. The only contact I had with them was to ask for permission to use their shop photos, and occasionally to have a fangirl moment over the loveliness that is Harry Potter.)

owl pendant

Item #1 is this lovely copper owl pendant from MostlySweetJewelry — not overtly Potterish, but a great subtle communication to other Potterheads with whom you come in contact.

lightning bolt necklace

Next is this subtle lightning bolt necklace from Alicia at LakunaBoutique. I like how it’s definitely a recognizable design, but it’s also abstract enough to fit in at a non-Potter event. If you like layering your necklaces, something tells me it would work well in that setting too.

lovegood ring

So much of the jewelry on Etsy looks like it’s been put together with the same beads and charms you’d find at any craft store. Not so with this Luna Lovegood ring, available from thinkupjewel — you can definitely tell that it’s been custom-made to resemble a pair of Spectrespecs. This piece will do double duty for you, identifying your fandom and allowing you to see Wrackspurts.*

*(This claim has not been tested. If your career depends on your ability to see Wrackspurts, please use Quibbler-approved Spectrespecs.)

draco pendant

Here’s a real conversation piece: a pendant engraved with the constellation Draco, found on MadamePoindextra. So if you’re at a coffee shop hoping to find a cute Harry Potter enthusiast, you’ve just widened your field to include cute astronomy enthusiasts as well. Congratulations!

grumpy green owl

I love this little guy so much — he reminds me of a certain coffee owls cartoon. Stephanie at PhoenixDesign made him from ceramic, and then hand-painted him. Her shop also carries several similar owl designs and other Harry Potter–themed creations.

antler pendant

Continuing with the animal theme, we next have this exquisite deer antler pendant from Lisa at underhercharm. I especially like the texturing of the antler’s surface and the coronet. It’s a truly admirable level of detail.

snitch ring

Finally, we have this Snitch ring. I’ll admit it: when I spotted this, I squealed. Made from copper and rose quartz (or sterling silver, if that’s your fancy), this piece is available from JustPeelTheOranges. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how the wings wrap back like that? So pretty. Guys, if your girlfriend loves Harry Potter and you’re looking for a special piece of finger-bling for her, this will get you major points.

In conclusion, I should note that attempting to turn any of these pieces into a Horcrux is strongly discouraged. If nothing else, think of how terrible it would be for anyone to have to destroy any of this jewelry past magical repair. It’d be a travesty.


If you own any HP jewelry, what’s the story behind it? Is there a piece on Etsy that you have your eye on?


Photo credits: Escort from WikiImages on Pixabay; all jewelry photos used by permission of their shop owners.


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