Three news articles to make your week happier

How’s your week going? Has it been peachy-keen? Have there been kittens and rainbows involved? Or are you just gritting your teeth and counting down till the next installment of Last Week Tonight?


Sometimes this really is the best option. I feel ya.

If the latter applies, here are three articles that might give you a bit of a bump. Britain has done an impressive job of rebranding itself since the days of Peter Rabbit and E. Nesbit, but once in a while, it will bely its new image with some startlingly sweet headlines. Worldwide economic power and major political force be darned — Britain, we know you spend your days putting out saucers of milk for hedgehogs and helping widows cross the street.

From the Metro:

Tesco customer orders walnut bread, receives an octopus.

Includes this gem of a line: “John Goodger failed to see the similarity between a loaf of nut bread and a sea-dwelling mollusc.” Strange.

From the Daily Mail:

Crumbs, we’ve been eating McVitie’s Digestives and Hobnobs all wrong! Firm says chocolate part is the BOTTOM.

Quick poll: How many people were eating them chocolate-side up? I always found that if I did that, the chocolate got stuck on the roof of my mouth.

And lastly, on a related note, a stinging rebuke from the scientific community, via the Independent:

Rich Teas are the best biscuits, Hobnobs are soggy imposters, scientists find.

Oh no they didn’t.


Happy rest of the week!



Photo credit: Child from PublicDomainPictures; fire from PixelAnarchy on Pixabay.


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