Howdy hey! I’m Sonya.


No, that’s just my pseudonym of choice for this site. I thought about creating a cute, clearly-a-nickname moniker, like Bakerella and the Pioneer Woman did, but it appears that the “creative naming” part of my brain has withered away and been replaced by a pool of Doctor Who trivia. When I consulted Buzzfeed for name ideas, it suggested Queen Ketiraka, Keeper of the Western Front and Defender of the Vale, which is super catchy but a little long for a blog handle. So, Sonya it is.

My alter-ego: Ketiraka the Warrior Queen, destroyer of krill.

My alter-alter-ego: Ketiraka, Destroyer of Krill.

What do you do?

Well, I’m a big fan of turning oxygen into carbon dioxide, through a process I’ve studied multiple times and forgotten as soon as the tests were over. I think ATP is involved … and maybe the Krebs cycle? And something called NADH? Or is it NAACP?

This is the part of the show where I admit that I’m a full-time graduate student.

Clearly not in the biological sciences.

But if it helps my quad cred, I do still experience research snafus and massive sleep deprivation. Heck yeah. Sing it with me, grad students, to the tune of “Rule Britannia”, key of C:

On, on, we march to employment,
Fueled by coffee, fear, and debt.
Though our path seems never-ending,
Still we march with faith unbending.
Though doubtful friends and family
Fail to see our field’s validity,
Though we have long marched unfed,
Still we go with steady tread —
March on, cohort! March on!
March in pursuit of metacognition!

I’m so glad we can have these chats.

What’s the point of this blog? Are you just going to sing at people?

Sure, some of the time. I also have a lot of recipes up my sleeve that I want to share, and books that I want to review, and happy stories about good people that I think should be spread around. And, okay, also a good bit of snarkiness about various world events.

Where did the blog name come from?

The long answer: When I started mapping out my master plan for this blog (twirling my mustache evilly the whole time, I assure you), I had two things that I absolutely did not want to do.

1. I did not want to hop on the Eat, Pray, Love bandwagon and give my blog a name comprised of three short verbs in sequence.

I did this with one of my first blogs. It still keeps me up at night.

2. I did not want to get all touchy-feely and spend my time talking about Thoughts and Feelings and What the Ocean Can Teach Us About Life. Some people can pull that off really well in their blogs. I can’t, so I’m aiming for more of a colorful, quirky vibe.

It’s how we roll here in the blogosphere. If your passion in life is chocolate-chip cookies, don’t let anyone tell you to switch to pretzel dogs. Be true to your heart, man.

Unless your heart tells you to feed said cookies to a frog puppet. Then we'd need to talk.

Unless your heart tells you to feed said cookies to a frog puppet. Then we’ll need to talk.

In Which the Shadow Learns to Yodel is a metaphor that works on a couple of levels. The shadow is me, the person who has to force herself to leave the house on weekends, much less go to social events and talk to people. Yodeling, on the other hand, is loud and cheery and tells people, “Hey, I’m here and I’m doing just fine! Come on over! Bring strudel!” So through the topics of cooking and reading and affirming people, and then blogging about it all, I’m trying to break out of my usual cycle of flying under the radar. In a way, this blog is a personal training exercise for a more open life. And if I get to spread a few laughs and recipes and thoughts along the way, then that’s just the applesauce on the latke.

The short answer: Coffee, Fear, and Debt wasn’t really the tone I was hoping to strike.

Whether you’re here for thirty seconds or two hours, I hope you’ll depart with a renewed sense of hope and passion. I’ll post new content every Sunday and Thursday, plus some Tuesdays, so until next time, keep it real, keep yodeling, and keep the coffee coming.

Thanks for dropping by!

~ Sonya


Photo credits: The penguin warriorthe cookie picture, and the yak are all from the fine folks over at Pixabay, with whom I am not affiliated.


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